Thank you for being a partner with Ahearn & Soper

For our recent data centre virtualization migration, the NetKeepers team was responsible to; set up and configure our VMware environment, migrate a few of our production servers and train and transfer knowledge to our IT professionals.

This project included the migration of several corporate servers which were critical to our business. This meant that careful planning and timely execution was essential in order to successfully migrate these servers without service disruption to the company.

NetKeepers expertise in VMware solutions, experience, professional approach and project commitment was crucial to the success of this project.

We are pleased to report that this project has been completed and we have successfully accomplished our project objectives. We are enthusiastic about our new VMware environment and are confident that this infrastructure improvement will reduce our costs and give us the flexibility we need to meet future business requirements.

Thank you to the Netkeepers team for being a partner with Ahearn & Soper and helping us to successfully complete this project.

Danny Di Marco | Vice President, Corporate Systems and HR
Ahearn & Soper Inc.