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Is your Company prepared for the unexpected?

Posted on 06 03 2010

As NetKeepers staff were leaving the corporate offices on June 2, 2010 we noticed some police activity across the street.  This seemed a bit strange as there were multiple police cars, fire and ambulance on the scene.  Also whatever the problem was they had to evacuate multiple buildings on the north side of the street only.  Seeing as the south side of the street was not evacuated NetKeepers had no idea when this had taken place.  The question quickly arose, if this happened during the middle of a busy day or for a prolonged period of time what would a business do?  Companies these days can not afford to be down no matter what the cause.

NetKeepers has a solution in place internally that allows them to work from anywhere.  Developed using best of breed technology NetKeepers has full access to email, Microsoft Office, CRM and accounting applications while not physically in the office.  Basically all the applications needed to stay fully functioning as a business can be accessed securely, over the internet.  Also with BlackBerry and IP phones there is need to stay in the office. We have also packaged this solution as MyCompleteOffice and many small to medium sized professional firms are buying this instead of putting their own network together.  Not only can they work from home or on the road but they also have a low predictable monthly cost for their entire IT organization, and that includes backup and security.

Companies can experience these sort of situations from time to time.  Think about the upcoming G20 meeting in Toronto.  There is a portion of the downtown core that will be shutdown for 3 weeks.  Companies are closing their doors and telling their employees not to come in for 3 whole weeks.  Can your company last that long without contact with your employees or even more important your customers?

The technology industry changes at the speed of light.  What was once cutting edge is now old technology.  More and more these days people are working from home offices or on the road.  So if this is the case why is IT infrastructure still set up for people working behind a desk?  There needs to be a paradigm shift in thinking here.  Products like My Complete Office not only allow people to work from a desk in the office but there is simply no difference in performance for them to work from the field as well.  Throw in some unforeseen circumstances like the police ordering a mandatory evacuation of your building and the solution pays for itself 10 times over