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Why Not Virtualize?

Posted on 10 21 2011

We find that many of our clients are still not comfortable with the idea of virtualizing servers. Some don’t understand the concept and are leery about the mystery behind the technology. Some customers are very knowledgeable but still think that virtualization is only suited to light duty or development workloads.

Netkeepers has been managing Virtual Machines for several years now, and we can honestly state that we have not found an application or server that we would not virtualize.

Terminal Server/Citrix, Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino email servers and database workloads that run on Oracle and Microsoft technology get a lot of ‘push back’ from clients when we suggest that they also be included in the virtualization scope.  The traditional thinking is that these types of servers require raw hardware power, but in fact many studies have proven that virutalizing Terminal Servers and Exchange workloads is highly recommended.  At Netkeepers we go further than that, any new Terminal Services servers, Citrix servers and Exchange servers are built on virtual infrastructure – No more bare metal installations!

Domain controllers, web servers, file/print servers and utility servers such as SNMP monitors are all examples of workloads that are perfect candidates for virtualization.

Power reduction, operating system stability, resource efficiency, and ease of workload management are three top reasons to virtualize.

The sooner your company starts down the virtualization path, the sooner you’ll reap all of the benefits and the more you virtualize, the more you will want to virtualize.