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Our first blog post

Posted on 09 10 2011

So this is our first blog post. We have been talking about starting a general blog for quite some time now and we are finally here. The idea behind this blog is to start sharing our knowledge with not just our existing customer base but with the IT community at large. Initially we are hoping to have, at a minimum (there’s the commitment) of one blog post per month, but hopefully we will have more of these from multiple contributors withing our organization on a monthly basis. The focus of this blog will be to help take some of the haze out of the cloud computing services industry and help you, our customers (hopefully), make sense of all of the information that is out and about on the Internet. We may also have more technical discussions here from our technical team about current application trends or application enhancements to products that you may be very familiar with already.

Along with this blog we have launched our corporate Twitter account (@NetKeepers) and our whole team has created their own Twitter accounts to increase our ability to communicate with our customers. For example we will be posting maintenance window and outage alerts to our corporate Twitter account to quickly get information out to you when you may not be able to communicate with us via traditional means such as email.

We are focusing on making this blog informative, helpful, funny at times, and most importantly a conduit for our NetKeepers team to exhibit their skills in yet another forum.

Here’s to a “cloud”y future for us all.

Shaul Swartz